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New Steampunk Concept Works at Nevada

When the Fitzgerald Students Services Building opened many years ago at the University of Nevada, Reno, students had plenty of reasons to visit the building. With many of those reasons made moot by the Internet, Nevada Dining knew it needed to create a reason for students to come back.

The answer, of course, was a Steampunk-inspired restaurant. The Works is a 3,800-square-foot ode to a sub-genre of science fiction inspired by the industrialized Western world of the 1800s (think steam-powered machinery). Say what?

The retro, hip and stunning space replaces an old retail operation and has now become a campus favorite since opening in August and the 80-seat fast-casual restaurant features two mini-concepts within it: Waffler offers sandwiches and desserts made with waffles and FORKlift Burritos & Bowls is the school’s version of Chipotle, with upscale Mexican served in freshly steamed tortillas or bowls. The idea and design—both brilliant—came from Webb Culinary Design.

Students asked for something they couldn’t get anywhere else in town, says Associate Director for Housing Operations & Dining Services Russ Meyer, and The Works has delivered. He says most kids were familiar with Steampunk and those that weren’t are now.

“It’s fun, funky ambiance with cool artwork. Think Jules Verne and Sherlock Holmes,” Meyer explains.

View the slideshow and take a closer look inside The Works.

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