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Marketing campaign connects students with campus chefs

Students snap up cool stickers to show off their favorite campus chefs at Rice.

The must-have accessory this spring on the Rice University campus is the chef sticker, a fun way to show off the stars of the dining department. A student intern, Cassandra “Cassy” Gibson, drew the illustrations by hand from photos of the chefs.

The cool cartoon-style stickers can be found at each chef’s dining location, and students snap them up to place on their laptops or water bottles as an end-of-year perk. The stickers are hyped up through social media, and have become a hot commodity, according to Susann Glenn, manager of communications.

“The stickers are a way for the students to show loyalty to their chefs,” Glenn says. “They can be found at various places in the kitchens and serveries.”

And the stickers don’t last long, either.

“We’ve run out of stickers each time we’ve put them out,” Glenn says, adding that about 1,800 have been produced by a sticker company.

So far, the chefs immortalized in sticker form include:
• Chef Verena Saenz, CCC, Sid Rich College Kitchen
• Chef Roger Elkhouri, CEC, ACE, West Servery
• Chef Martin de Santiago, CCC, Baker College Kitchen
• Chef Kyle Hardwick, CEC, ACE, Seibel Servery
• Chef Ed Castillo, CEC, ACE, South Servery
• Chef Telly de Santiago, pastry chef, North Servery

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