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Beef Teriyaki Rice Bowl

Beef Teriyaki Rice Bowl


3 qt. cooked long grain or whole grain brown rice*, hot
1 qt. steamed broccoli florets
3 cups sauteed red pepper strips
3 cups steamed pea pods
3 cups steamed carrot coins
2½ lbs. cooked teriyaki-glazed chicken or beef strips
3 cups prepared teriyaki sauce
1½ cups sliced, on bias scallions

1. For each serving: Place 1 cup rice in deep, single-serve bowl.

2. Top rice with a 1 cup combination of steamed/sauteed vegetables and 4 oz. teriyaki chicken or beef strips.

3. Ladle 2 Tbsps./1 oz. teriyaki glaze over meat. Garnish with 2 Tbsp. scallions. (Alternate garnishes include: chopped roasted peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, bean sprouts or crisp wonton strips.)

*You may also use a wide assortment of rice varieties in this recipe.

Photo and recipe: USA Rice Federation

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