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3 Quick Bites: Man eats every slice of pizza in Manhattan

3 Quick Bites: Man eats every slice of pizza in Manhattan

Every week, I compile a short list of food items on the Internet that made me hungry, curious, confused or all of the above.

Life goals worth accomplishing
This man has eaten every slice of pizza in Manhattan. In the “Obsession Issue” of Lucky Peach, Hagendorf was the subject of a “Profile in Obsession.” Hagendorf systematically ate a slice of pizza from every single pizza joint on every single street. He chronicled his delicious adventure on his blog,, and he has a book coming out soon.

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Making spilled coffee a thing of beauty
If only we could all see the possibilities of coffee sloshed on a desk or countertop. Only a true artist could come up with this idea: 28-year-old illustrator Giulia Bernadelli came across the technique by accidentally tipping over her cup of coffee. She can turn a spill into the most magical scenes. And she also works in the mediums of wine and Nutella.

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Customers flock to fried chicken sandwiches
New York sandwich lovers went crazy when Shake Shack introduced a limited time offer: the ChickenShack, crispy fried chicken, lettuce, pickles and buttermilk herb mayo between two toasted buns. Chefs coast to coast are upping the game on fried chicken sandwiches, Nashville-style hot chicken and fried chicken in many ways. At the moment, chicken is a faster growing segment than burgers in fast food, according to data from the NPD group.  

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