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3 Quick Bites: New hues for food

3 Quick Bites: New hues for food

Every week, I compile a short list of food items on the Internet that made me hungry, curious, confused or all of the above.

Bright lights, big cereal?
Do your childhood memories include Day-Glo cereal? Future generations may wake up to a more muted cereal bowl, with big food manufacturers ditching artificial coloring like it’s going out of style. When new Trix cereal debuts later this year, the bright bowl will look different. “We haven’t been able to get that same vibrant color,” Kate Gallagher of General Mills told the Chicago Tribune.

Read more about the dimming of the neon foods >>

Foodie/film geek analysis of The Breakfast Club
That great 1980s John Hughes movie about Saturday morning detention, the cliques of high school and how we pretty much all face the same problems, didn’t actually feature a lot of breakfast food, as it turns out. Thrillist dissects what each of the characters ate during the movie, from “princess” Claire’s box of sushi to “basket case” Allison’s Pixy Stix-and-Cap’n Crunch sandwich.

See what rest of the club brought for lunch >>

Robot cake decorators mesmerizing to watch
Ever wonder how mass-produced cakes get made? It’s a mechanical process, and it’s strangely hypnotic. Cake-finishing equipment can make all the scallops, miniature roses and embellishments that a pastry chef can, but without that personal touch.

See the robots in action >>

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