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3 Quick Bites: Tomato controversy: Do you refrigerate or not?

3 Quick Bites: Tomato controversy: Do you refrigerate or not?

Every week, I compile a short list of food items on the Internet that made me hungry, curious, confused or all of the above.

Conventional tomato wisdom challenged
After a lot of research, Daniel Gritzer, culinary director at, determined, in short, that “if you’re buying your tomatoes ripe (which you should be!) and not eating them immediately, you’re better off storing them in the fridge than on the countertop.” His remarks have stirred up a lot of conversation, to be sure.

Does this evidence change your mind? >>

Hot sauce by region
Depending on where you grew up, you may be more likely to reach for Texas Pete’s hot sauce, over, say, Tabasco. has an interesting list of the 23 most popular hot sauces by map. You might be surprised to find out which is the most-reached-for bottle of heat in your state.

Which hot sauce do you swear by? >>

What’s the deal with that fake green grass?
Ever notice almost every time you get grab-and-go sushi it comes with that thin green grass, a blob of wasabi and imitation crabmeat? A recent article in Lucky Peach magazine delves deep into the whys and hows of the California Roll and much more, including that fake green grass. Surprising fact: “90-plus percent of ‘wasabi’ served in Japanese restaurants stateside doesn’t have any wasabi in it.”

Find out the history of carryout sushi >>

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