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8 Great Sauce/Stock/Broth/Cream Flavors

“Many of the recipes we feature in hospitals and senior dining facilities use seasonal vegetable purees and broths as well as tea infusions,” Neff says.

He adds that each of these broths and purees is used to flavor risottos and compliment poultry, vegetable and fish entrees:

  • Butternut squash broth
  • Root vegetable cream (roast parsnip, roast onion, roast garlic, almonds and skim milk)
  • Sweet pea broth
  • Miso-green tea broth
  • Vegetable and fine herb broth
  • Wild mushroom broth
  • Salsify (aka “oyster plant”) cream (salsify and skim milk)
  • Corn broth (corn stock and corn)
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