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Bada Bing BLT

Beyond The BLT

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It’s hard to improve on the classic combination featured on a BLT: the deep bacon flavor, the acidity of the tomato, the creamy tang of the mayonnaise. But creative onsite chefs are doing just that—dressing up, dressing down and deconstructing the BLT.

“The BLT is one of the quintessential great sandwiches,” says Chris Koetke of Kendall College. “But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take it anywhere you want.”

bacon saladCreated just for FM by Larry Finney of the federal reserve, this salad is a BLT deconstructed and put back together as a wonderfully summery salad. Heirloom tomatoes, giant croutons and a mayonnaise dressing make this beyond perfect. (“I was going to call it aioli, but come on—who doesn’t want mayo on their BLT?” Finney says.)

The Aunt Marie is and Italian BLT by Charles Cooper,executive chef, Parkhurst dining at united Concordia, Harrisburg, Pa. He combines mayo with Italian seasonings, spreads it on ciabatta bread, adds spinach to the lettuce, tops it with grape tomatoes, then presses it Panini style.

hummus bltAnother BLT-based creation at united Concordia is the “Twisted BLT,” which incorporates hummus and a pretzel roll. Hummus has an earthy flavor that you don't often see paired with bacon, but it's genius.

bada bing blt

The Bada Bing is a BLT Tony Soprano could love. Created by another Tony—Tony Sarago—at rite aid Corporation, this sandwich begins with thick-sliced Italian bread. Pancetta (a mild, spicy-sweet bacon cured with salt and usually unsmoked) takes the place of traditional bacon and arugula, with its spiky leaves, has a little more punch than iceberg lettuce. It's dressed up even more with shaved asiago cheese, roma tomatoes, roasted garlic and fresh basil mayo, and it's served with an olive tapenade.

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