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Big 10 rivals compete in pork-off competition

On a brisk fall October morning, thousands of college students, alumni and sports lovers flocked to Ann Arbor, Mich., to watch the football game between two of the Big 10’s biggest rivals: the University of Michigan and Michigan State University. Before the game started in the Big House, another competition was taking place on campus. Instead of touchdowns and field goals, this competition’s winners were lauded for the tastiness of the dishes they created.  

The event, sponsored by the National Pork Board, took place in three rounds: students, executive chefs and other foodservice employees. Two of the rounds focused on a particular cut of the hog: cheeks and shoulder. The executive chefs could use any part of the hog, but the dish had to be ramen.

Perhaps foreshadowing the football game’s outcome, Michigan State edged Michigan for the win. Click through for photos from the pork off.

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