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Gallery: Culinary Adventures with Globetrotting Chefs

Traveling has led to the discovery of great new menu items for a team of chefs from Taher, Inc., a Minnetonka-based contract management company that serves mostly K-12 accounts.

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They’ve found inspiration in the outdoor markets, alleyways, fields, farms and homes of such places as Vietnam, Italy, Jerusalem, Peru, Morocco, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, Paris and more.

The chefs have brought home recipes for Japanese lotus root udon noodles, Peruvian sliders and tagines from Morocco…turning them into menu items for K-12 accounts and a few B&I accounts, too.  

And learning how to cook local dishes with locals is a great way to get to know a place, says Chris Murray, Taher regional chef.

“People have been completely welcoming and friendly and engaging,” Murray says.

Take a look at a few snapshots from these culinary adventures (don’t miss the Stingray En Croute).

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