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Foodservice menu trending: Plant-based menus, 18 must-see grab-and-go meals

This month's Flavor of the Month: Mexico’s hearty pozole; the road ahead for onsite dining; and more menu trends from this month.

An entirely plant-based catering menu is being introduced at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts after staff received several campus requests. Created by Sodexo dining team members, the menu, termed Rustic Roots Catering, was driven by client demand using recipes shared with Sodexo by the Humane Society and offers dairy- and meat-free breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts.

Also, good news from Food Management: We’re finding lots of creativity amidst the chaos. As mobile ordering, delivery and pick-up have changed the way customers are eating, menus have changed, too, becoming more comforting and more portable, with flavors and ingredients used in some extremely smart, tasty ways. See some of these new menu innovations here.

And finally, any recovery from the coronavirus crisis will have to deal with a number of longer-term effects of the ordeal, including impact on how operations going forward will be conducted. So, does this mean the salad bar will be a relic of the past? Find out more here.

See what else was trending in foodservice menus this month.

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