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IT’S ALL GRAVY: That unique gravy for Swedish meatballs is a roux made in the same pan as the meatballs, sometimes fortified with sour cream for maximum creaminess. And lingonberry jam is the traditional side, but anything sweet can work.

Swedish meatballs: A modern classic that’s making a comeback

Swedish meatballs are known for their smaller size, creamy gravy, sweet side sauce and party-ready persona. They’re a traditional part of a Swedish smorgasbord, and until recently were relegated to odd curiosity-but-ultimately-pretty-bland 1970s potluck food category. Now, they’re coming back in a major way.

Jamie Baribeau, director of food and nutrition at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, says he can’t help but thinking of the 1970s when he thinks of Swedish meatballs.

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