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The Worlds 10 Weirdest Cookbooks

How many miles does it take to braise a fish fillet? Should you use your exhaust manifold or your valve cover for a pork tenderloin? Were Jaguars really designed with veal scallopini in mind?

Hat’s off to Bill Scheller and Chris Maynard, the car-loving culinary geniuses who created Manifold Destiny: The One, The Only, Guide To Cooking On Your Car Engine—the world’s weirdest cookbook, according to a recent poll on

While Manifold Destiny topped the weirdest cookbooks list, here are the other front running cookbooks that showcase the culinary delights of roadkill, insects, special effects, poison, and even cooking stark naked.

The World’s Top 10 Weirdest Cookbooks:
1. Manifold Destiny: The One, The Only, Guide To Cooking On Your Car Engine by Bill Scheller & Chris Maynard
2. The Roadkill Cookbook by Buck Peterson
3. The Eat-A-Bug Cookbook by David George Gordon
4. The Special Effects Cookbook by Michael Samonek
5. Cooking in the Nude by Stephen Cornwell & Debbra Cornwell
6. Cooking to Kill: The Poison Cook Book by Ebenezer Murgatroyd
7. Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Cookies and other Galactic Recipes by Robin Davis
8. Mini Ketchup Cookbook by Cameron Pearl
9. Cooking for Cats by Elisabeth Meyer
10. Strange Foods: Bush Meats, Bats and Butterflies by Jerry Hopkins


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