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Wrap Stars

Wrap Stars

Whether it's a classic Caesar Salad wrapped up to go, or a gluten-free item with Thai flavors, the wrap is a lunchtime innovation that's here to stay.

“The Caesar Wrap is new this year and it’s sold at The Corner, a dining area that was recently updated from an 80s style to a Panera-inspired hangout.

There is chicken in the Caesar wrap—almost everyone likes chicken. It’s a very ‘safe’ food, even for picky eaters, and the dressing on Caesar salad is also a very common and familiar profile for salads. Marry that to a wrap, and you’re bound to have an instant classic that college students love.

Marla Ann Poterack, Director of Campus Dining, Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, MI

“We have just rolled out three new wraps in our On the Go section that are gluten-friendly for our guests with gluten allergies who are also in a rush. The wraps are currently offered at two locations in the building, and we plan to add them soon to the C-store in an adjacent building.

"The new wraps are the Turkey with Roasted Red Peppers and Smoked Gouda Wrap, the Roast Beef with Provolone and Horseradish Wrap and the Thai Roasted Vegetable (pictured, at left), which is also a hit with vegetarians.

“We say 'Gluten-Friendly' instead of gluten-free, because while we use gluten-free tortillas and we have a dedicated area and equipment, we're not in a completely gluten-free kitchen, because we're still using flour in the vicinity.

"It's different to work with a gluten-free tortilla. Ours are made with tapioca flour and millet flour. The texture is not as pliable as white flour, it's a little bit firmer. A regular tortilla, you can leave out and roll to order. But with these, you have to heat them first so they're easier to roll.

"I love to work with Sriracha (Thai hot chili sauce), especially when I'm plating up a wrap—the flavor is unbeatable.

"For the turkey wrap, we roast our own red peppers, rather than using ones from a jar. This allows us to control the sodium."

Dave De Colloo, executive chef, Parkhurst Dining, One PNC, Pittsburgh, PA

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