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FM Profile: Rhodello Nuval

FM Profile: Rhodello Nuval

President, 2013-14, Military Hospitality Alliance

When I complete my term in office, I will feel I have been successful if I have successfully implemented an educational curriculum and validation process showing the culinary achievements of our military chefs.

Our members would like to see MHA provide more sanctioned culinary validation of their achievements.

When I ran for president, I promised I would listen to the suggestions of our military chefs to improve the MHA processes and help MHA evolve into the premier organization for our military culinary community.

My most unexpected reward for assuming this role  has been the friendship, fellowship, and community accomplishment MHA has provided for our military culinary professionals.

The MHA project I am most intently focused on right now is streamlining and improving the Military Culinary Competition for 2014.

My strongest professional role models are my grandfather, my father, and Ed Manley.

My first job in foodservice was as a fry cook at Wendy’s when I was 16 years old in Las Vegas, Nevada.  In 1991 I was an Assistant Manager at Carl’s Jr (Hardees) in Las Vegas, Nevada and joined the military in 1992 as a Services Journeyman.

If I could pass one piece of legislation it would make it mandatory for our leaders to be part of any healthcare or government pay program they pass for our military’s members and their families. Military families endure a different kind of stress and lifestyle in support of and defense of our nation. National leaders should be subject to the same benefits or lack thereof as military members and their families have.

I think my strongest personality trait is an ability to see the beauty of different possibilities and different objects or events.  

Looking ahead 25 years the biggest trend I see facing military foodservice is the “civilianizing” of food service facilities due to the military draw down.

The famous person I’d most like to meet is Chef Bobby Flay.

If I could change one thing about the foodservice industry it would be the perception that military chefs are only “Burger Flippers.”  This will take a lot of work because of the unique qualities and environment of military feeding.

The most challenging aspect of my career was the rough, uphill journey I faced as a young, un-mentored airman.  I was ready to call it quits near my 10-year mark until a couple of great non-com officers took me under their wing and mentored me to succeed.  With the proper guidance I turned my rough years into learning years and was able to retire honorably after 21 years and 4 months of active duty service.

The favorite dish I cook myself is Lechon (Roasted Pig). This is a traditional festive dish in the Philippines which is served on special occasions to celebrate life, happiness, fellowship, and family.

At a Glance

ASSOCIATION: Military HospitalityAlliance (MHA)

No. of Members: 300+
HQ Address:
2609 Surfwood Drive,
Las Vegas, NV 89128
Executive Director: Ed Manley

MISSION/VISION: To make a positive impact on the lives of military foodservice personnel by providing opportunities for recognition, competition, education and networking with peers and industry.
Job:  Retired, United States Air Force
Born:  Manila, Philippines
Family: Married with four boys

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