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Ballpark Food and Drink Prices Compared

A CNN Money survey compared concessions food and drink prices at the 30 major league ballparks and found as much as a 600% difference depending on the item.

Which major league ballparks have the highest and lowest concessions prices for food and drink? CNN Money surveyed the 30 major league teams and found that hot dogs are priciest at Citi Field in New York (home of the Mets), where a regular dog sets a fan back $6.25. That's more than six times the price of the $1 hot dogs regularly sold at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati (home of the Reds). The priciest hot dog? The Boomstick, a specialty hot dog sold at the Ballpark in Arlington, TX (home of the Rangers), a two-foot monster that runs $26 a pop (bonus feature: the CNN link above includes a video showing the Boomstick being made by concessionnaire Delaware North Sportservice chefs).

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