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Boston U. Dining Launches Meatless Monday Alternative

Boston University Dining Services is launching Make a Difference Mondays, a once-a-month sustainability awareness initiative that menus foods with low carbon footprints, reports the Daily Free Press student newspaper. The menus, to be served at all BU dining halls, will feature specially designed items developed by Executive Chef Walter Dunphy.

Make a Difference Mondays will omit the use of red meat and pork but will use sustainable fish, poultry and non-meat proteins, a difference from the Meatless Mondays program being embraced at some colleges, schools, corporate dining sites and healthcare facilities. The program is designed both to show students how they can eat more sustainable diets but to highlight the sustainable and local foods that are regularly available at BU dining venues.

In addition to Make a Difference Mondays, BU Dining regularly features Sargent Choice menu selections—menu items made with whole grains, more fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, lean proteins and heart-healthy oils—at all of its campus dining locations. Sargent Choice items like pizzas, soups, salads, entrees and desserts reflect Dietary Guidelines for Americans standards for variety, moderation and proportionality and were developed in collaboration with the Boston University Sargent College nutrition program.

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