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BYU Opens New Cannon Center Dining Hall

Brigham Young University has opened its new Commons at the Cannon Center dining center. Replacing an older facility called the Cannon Center, it will be open for all meals seven days a week and serve customers from five cooking platforms. A zero-waste policy pulps all food scraps for use in fertilizer while used cooking oil is turned into biodiesel.

The Commons has its own meal plan for off-campus students and staff, who can get 60 meals for $360 and 100 meals for $560. That is a discount off the door price, which iwill range from $6.50 for breakfast to $9.50 for dinner once the fall semester begins (prices are slightly lower for summer classes). Resident students get semester blocks of passes to Cannon as part of their regular meal plans and have the option to purchase more in blocks of 25 for $125.

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