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Campus Delivery Service at Dartmouth Competes with Dining

Four Dartmouth College seniors have founded a beverage delivery business that competes with campus dining services by bringing bulk orders of packaged drinks to student residences at unit prices lower than charged by the dining services, reports The Dartmouth campus paper. The drinks, encompassing popular brands ranging from Coca-Cola and Lipton to Starbucks and Red Bull, can be ordered online at and are delivered to either dorm rooms or houses within a mile radius of campus. There is no delivery charge.

The service launched on January 5th and also offers pickup of used containers for recycling when a new delivery is made. The selection includes either bulk packs of at least 15 drinks as well as customized mixes, such as the caffeine-heavy Study Pack (five Red Bulls, five Brain Toniqs and five Starbucks Frappuccinos). Students can also customize their own mixes of at least 20 drinks. Payment is by cash. If the venture is successful, the proprietors say they intend to expand into snack foods as well.

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