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Colors Communicate Health Data on Menu Items

Menu items in Greenwich (CT) Hospital’s Nutmeg Grill and Garden Cafe have been color-coded to indicate their relative healthfulness, reports the Greenwich Times. Redi is the color for items deemed less than healthy while green is for the most nutritious choices. The distinctions are based on relative calories, fat, sodium and cholesterol and were developed by a team of nutritionists, chefs and representatives of the hospital’s Center for Healthy Living.

The move followed a campaign to make the menu healthier overall by decreasing the fat and sodium content of some dishes and reducing portion sizes to achieve better calorie counts. The color coding initiative is designed to communicate nutrition information to customers quickly and effectively while still maintaining choices that may not be the most healthful, leaving ultimate choice in the hands of the diners. The day’s Nutmeg Grill entrees are listed, along with their associated colors, on a screen at the café entrance.

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