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Comparing Coffee Habits in Different Cities

Aramark Refreshment Services analyzed sales data from 2012 for more than 100,000 workplaces to uncover the coffee drinking habits among its customers.

To celebrate National Coffee Break Day on January 20th, Aramark Refreshment Services pored through its records to uncover the coffee drinking habits in the workplace among its customers. It analyzed sales information for calendar year 2012 from more than 100,000 workplaces it serves in the United States, and found that customer employees working in the Houston, Los Angeles and Chicago metropolitan areas consumed the most cups of coffee on the job, while those in Miami, New York and Las Vegas consumed the least.

When it comes to the age old question “regular or decaf?” employees in Houston and Las Vegas need their daily java jolt, consuming the most caffeinated hot beverages on the job (78% of hot beverages consumed in the workplaces in these cities are caffeinated), while those working in Boston and Philadelphia consumed the most decaf (35% of hot beverages consumed in the workplace are decaffeinated).

“Office coffee is an integral part of the workplace experience and helps boost employee satisfaction,” says Executive Vice President Jonathan Peters of Armark Refreshment Services. “As the leader in refreshment services, we understand what it takes to create customized refreshment programs for our clients, and we take pride in creating great coffee break experiences for their employees.”

The company’s analysis of its customer information also uncovered the following ‘fun facts’ about hot beverages (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and cappuccino/lattes) consumed in the workplace:

•    In an average month, the U.S. cities and surrounding areas that consume the most cups of Aramark-provided office coffee in the workplace are (in descending order)...

1.    Houston

2.    Los Angeles

3.    Chicago

4.    Boston

5.    Philadelphia

•    Workplaces in these cities consume the most caffeinated hot beverages...
o    Houston and Las Vegas (78% of hot beverages consumed in the workplace contain caffeine)
o    Seattle and Miami (77%)
o    Los Angeles (74%)

•    Workplaces in these cities consume the most decaffeinated hot beverages...
o    Boston and Philadelphia (35% of hot beverages consumed in the workplace are decaf)
o    Washington, DC (31%)
o    New York (30%)

•    Coffee is the most popular workplace hot beverage in the following four cities...
o    Boston
o    New York
o    Philadelphia
o    Washington DC

•    The most popular coffee flavors in the workplace, for these three cities, are:
o    Boston — Hazelnut
o    New York — French Vanilla
o    Washington, DC — Hazelnut

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