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Denny's Opens First Express Concept at Cal State-SB

Denny’s Fresh Express, the Denny’s chain’s first stand-alone quick service restaurant, opened recently at California State University San Bernardino. The concept features a full service grill, a smoothie bar offering fruit smoothies blended to order and a grab and go cooler case.

It also serves breakfast all day, including the chain’s famous Grand Slam breakfasts, the Grand Slamwich and the Chipotle Prime Rib Breakfast Burrito. Mid-day options consist of Denny’s new Better Burgers cooked to order and hot Panini sandwiches. The unit also features Denny’s ‘Better For You’ healthy profile meal choices. Grab and go choices include freshly prepared salads and fruit cups as well as sweets like muffins, cookies, brownies and the chain’s Pancake Puppies.

“Denny’s Fresh Express was developed with on-trend branding and design elements to complement our great food,” says Greg Powell, vice president for concept innovation. “We intend to expand the idea of the stand alone Fresh Express to airports and other college campuses,”

Denny’s Fresh Express was brought to the San Bernardino campus by the university’s food service provider, Sodexo, based on student feedback. Located in the Santos Manuel Student Union, the Denny’s Fresh Express at Cal State San Bernardino and is open from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday and for limited hours on weekends.

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