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Disney Closing Three Onsite McDonald's Outlets

The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA, will close its three onsite food outlets serving McDonald’s branded menu items on September 2, ostensibly as part of planned refurbishments. Disney has been under pressure to live up to a pledge to serve healthier fare at its parks but denies that it is cutting ties with the giant fast food chain, noting that three outlets serving the McDonald’s menu remain in operation at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

Nevertheless, the entertainment giant cancelled its cross-promotional pact with McDonald’s two years ago, at the same time it made its pledge to upgrade its food offerings at its parks to emphasize healthier alternatives. The three Disneyland outlets affected by the move are Burger Invasion, Conestoga Fries and Harbour Galley, all of which serve McDonald’s menu items like Big Macs. Disney has not said what concepts will replace the three.

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