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The Food Management How To Issue

The Food Management How To Issue

The job responsibilities of Food Management readers vary widely and encompass disciplines that are all over the map.

That’s one reason why, as we looked ahead to assemble FM’s “How To” issue, we thought it would be useful to solicit much of its content directly from our readers.

To those who contributed: thanks. To those of you with this issue in your hands, you’ll find in the next ten pages some terrific “from the horse’s mouth” observations and advice:

Ted Mayer’s advice on “How To Implement a  Continuous Quality Assurance Program”

Janet Potts’ recommendations for “How To Implement a Peer Review Process”

Helen Wechsler’s suggestions on “How To Make Staff Training Stick”

Zia Ahmed’s thoughts on “How To Manage a Career Transition” when moving to a new job

Helene Virgona on “How To Improve Your Merchandising Strategy”

Spiros Vergatos’ advice on “How To Reduce C-Store Shrink”

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