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Former Memphis Nutrition Director Indicted

Former Nutrition Services Director James Jordan was one of two people indicted by a state investigative jury recently on charges of theft and official misconduct at the Memphis City Schools Central Nutrition Center. Jordan and Sheila Brown, a former project spoecialist for the department, are charged with theft of services over $1,000, theft of property over $500 and two counts of official misconduct.

The indictment accuses them of using labor, vehicles, food and party supplies without the district's consent. The grand jury probe was launched following an internal audit by the district that revealed nearly $4 million in losses at the nutrition center and violations of state and federal laws. Jordan resigned in October 2007 in the wake of the scandal prompted by the audit. Among the abuses cited was an elaborate graduation party for Brown for which most of the costs were charged to the district. Brown was demoted by Jordan after the incident came to light.

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