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Group Membership Offered by SNA

In an effort to make it easier for school districts to budge memberships to the School Nutrition Association, the SNA has begun to offer a new type of membership. School District Owned Membership allows a school district itself to become a member of the association, and individuals within district are able to benefit from being members of the SNA.

While employed by the district, the individual receives all the same benefits as a regular individual member. The new membership option “meets the needs of the changing workforce and enables a school district to keep its child nutrition staff informed and educated,” said SNA President Mary Hill in a statement to members.

To start the program, SNA identified three states to participate in a pilot program — Arizona, Georgia and Tennessee, according to SNA spokesman Erik Peterson.

“We had heard a lot from members over the last couple of years that this would be better, budget-wise, for many districts,” Peterson said. SNA will work with school districts to convert individual members to the new type of membership, according to its website. To find out more about the School District Owned Membership, visit and look for the SNA Membership tab.

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