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HFM Survey Tracks Vending

Almost all acute care—and all extended care—healthcareoperations have vending machines, according to a survey of more than 200 healthcare operators conducted by the Society for Healthcare Food Service Management (HFM). The study analyzed not only vending but onsite cafÈ operations and brand merchandising as well.

Among acute care operators, 53% report that vending is the responsibility of the foodservice department. Of these, 79% contract it out to a vending operator. Almost 51% say their vending revenues have increased (14% say it decreased), but annual revenues ranged from $58,000 to more than $500,000 from an average of 26 machines.

At extended-care locations, 47% report that vending is the foodservice department's responsibility and all handle the ending themselves. At these locations, 43% say their vending revenues have increased and 14% say it decreased. Annual revenues ranged from $3,000 to more than $50,000 from an average eight machines.

Vending Commission Rates in Healthcare
Acute Healthcare
Extended Care
Soft Drinks 26% Soft Drinks 10%
Milk 25% Milk 10%
Juice 20% Juice 20%
Candy 20% Candy 10%
Slated Snacks 25% Slated Snacks 10%
Sandwiches 16% Sandwiches 10%
Fruit 13% Fruit 10%
Refridgerated Products 15% Refridgerated Products NA
Frozen Entrees 10% Frozen Entrees NA
Frozen Desserts 20% Frozen Desserts NA
Sundries 27% Sundries 0%
Other (coffee) 20% Other NA
Same Commission on All = 25% Same Commission on All = NA
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