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Hospital Opens Healthy Cafe

St. Clair Hospital in Mt. Lebanon, PA, is unveiling a $2.5 million renovation of its retail dining, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The new Cafe 4 offers a variety of freshly made sandwiches, salads and wraps as well as grab-and-go entrees and cut fresh fruits and vegetables. Managed by Cura Hospitality, the menu is designed to offer a healthier dining mix while a 32-seat dining area offers booths and a flat-screen TV. Another 40 seats are planned for a patio seating area.

The space was carved from what was a waiting area for discharged patients, and it sits near the gift shop near the entrance to intercept traffic. Another recently completed renovation project upgraded the meeting space, turning it into the new Dunlap Conference Center, which can be partitioned to hold separate groups simultaneously.

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