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Hummus Controversy Spreads

DePaul University has asked its dining services department to resume sales of Sabra branded hummus, a product that has grown increasingly controversial on college campuses because it is partly owned by a company with ties to the Israeli military. Currently, students at Princeton University are voting on a referendum that asks the university to offer an alternative hummus product alongside Sabra.

At DePaul, Sabra hummus was removed from campus shelves at the end of November at the request of a pro-Palestinian student group. Jewish students and pro-Israeili campus groups then filed an objection, claiming that appropriate university procedures were not followed in making the decision to remove the product. That complaint will be heard before DePaul's Fair Business Practices Committe.

The controversy centers on The Strauss Group, which owns half of Sabra. Strauss has been linked to the Golani Brigade, a unit of the Israeli Defense Forces some Palestinian groups have accused of human rights violations.

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