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Indian Chef Hosts Food Event at University at Albany

Guest chef Raisa D’Souza comes to campus as part of Sodexo's Global Chef Program to provide students with an exotic culinary experience.

The University at Albany and its campus dining services provider Sodexo recently hosted a special culinary event focused on Indian food that featured guest chef Raisa D’Souza, part of Sodexo's Global Chef Program series. The program, which originated in 2003, facilitates an on-going exchange of executive chefs between Sodexo affiliates around the world as each chef shares authentic international cuisine and traditional cooking techniques with students, faculty and the school’s on-site culinary team.

Raisa, who has experience working with international hotels, catering companies and restaurants, is especially proficient working with Indian food, various international cuisines and vegan dishes.

"The classic Indian cuisine that was served on campus was wonderfully prepared by Chef Raisa D'Souza,” says Stephen Pearse, executive director of University Auxiliary Services at UAlbany. "It was a great success and definitely helped banish the winter blues by presenting aromatic and spicy dishes to our students. Sodexo’s Global Chef Program continually expands the horizons of our local culinary team regarding food preparation and presentation. It also helps them to further appreciate truly international cuisine and the utilization of regionally based ingredients."

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