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Injecting Emotion into Food Marketing for Latinos

New webinar: Discover key findings from the Hartman Group's national study What to know for successful Hispanic marketing

A new study, The Multicultural Latino, shows that Latino purchasing decisions are driven by emotional and functional components. Some of those components include the preference for fresh, local products and dishes that are influenced by their home countries, according to the study, which was done by The Hartman Group and MSLGroup.

There's no question that Latinos as a group have buying power: around $1.3 trillion. And every 30 seconds, one of the 52 million Latinos in the U.S. turns 18. Now is a good time to learn about marketing to the this group, obviously.

To learn more, register for tomorrow's (Tuesday, Sept. 17) webinar: Injecting Emotion into Marketing Foods & Beverages to the Latino Community, hosted by The Hartman Group and MSL Group, which will explore the notions of emotional relevance and other key findings from the study.

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