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More Schools Get Kellogg Grants

Four school districts recently received $2,000 grants each from the Kellogg NuCrew Program to help offset the cost of implementing Nutrient Standard Menu Planning. The districts are Eastbrook (IN) Community Schools, Fruitport (MI) Community Schools, Hudson (MI) Area Schools and Oroville (CA) Union High School. Kellogg also announced that, due to the grant program's success, it will be extended through February of 2009.

“To date, we have awarded 13 grants and, with the program's expansion, we are looking forward to helping even more schools,” says Ryan Malone, associate director of customer marketing. “We are thrilled to have these schools in California, Indiana and Michigan join our growing list of grant recipients.”

Nutrient Standard Menu Planning provides improved nutrition for students, greater flexibility in menu planning and long-term cost-savings for the district, but can be seen as costly and time consuming to implement. School foodservice directors may use the funds to help offset the costs associated with menu planning transition, including software and hardware upgrades, training, data entry and menu development assistance.

For information and to get an application, go to

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