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Parkland Hospital in Dallas has implemented a menu program

Parkland Hospital in Dallas has implemented a menu program in its cafeteria featuring organic, locally-grown produce and dairy. The dishes cost the same as non-organic equivalents and customers have the option of choosing either. The public hospital’s nutrition department selects the best deals from the organic options available from its produce distributor, Hardy’s Produce, and Chef Marvin Schmidt then incorporates them into dishes like soups or serves them as vegetable sides, says Nutrition Services Director Celia Krazit. She says Schmidt’s organic pumpkin soup is especially popular among the new dishes.

The initiative is part of the nutrition services department’s attempt to coax staffers into healthier eating habits, as well as to support local growers. The dishes are merchandised on chalkboard menus and they have developed a as-yet-small but loyal following, Krazit says. Local and organic packaged products such are also available to take home in the hospital’s c-store.

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