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Record Sushi Roll at Cal-Berkeley

Students at the University of California-Berkeley constructed a world record 330-ft. California sushi roll as part of an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the school’s Center for Japanese Studies. The roll, which was constructed in parts by 57 teams of rollers representing different students groups—plus two teams from Cal Dining—and then fused together to make the official record roll.

Most of the roll was constructed of avocado, cucumber and imitation crab meat donated by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Insitute. The last 15 feet were vegetarian, using tofu instead of the seafood. The previous record of 303 feet was made in Hawaii.

Among participants and observers were members of the Japanese Graduate & Researchers Society (dressed as ninjas), which made the first section, as well as Japanese Consul-General Yasumasa Nagamine. The roll was made from 200 lbs. of dry rice, 80 lbs. each of cucumber and avocado and 180 lbs. of crab analog.

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