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School Caf Redesign Brings Multiple Benefits

A redesigned cafeteria at one of its middle schools was so successful in boosting participation that Scottsdale (AZ) USD now wants to do the same makeover on its other middle schools, reports the Scottsdale Tribune. Sales at Ingleside Middle School's cafeteria rose about 20 percent after the servery was converted from a traditional serving line to a food-court with coolers and hot food pick-up areas.

Other advantages to the change reportedly included giving students about 10 more minutes to eat, since the grab-and-go serving style got them through the servery and checkout faster. The change also boosted sales of healthier menu options because they were attractively displayed.

The Ingleside redesign was made possible by a $125,000 grant from the National Dairy Council. A proposed $30,000 renovation at Cocopah Middle School would have to be paid by the foodservice department.

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