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Why use Digital Signage?

Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider this new technology application.

Here are just a few reasons why foodservice operators can consider using digital signage, either integrated with their existing options or replacing them entirely.

Studies show that increased information equals increased sales. Digital signage helps invigorate your presentation of information so it's more noticeable and memorable. Accentuate food with stunning photography; highlight special menu LTOs and prices; upsell, cross-sell and drive customer loyalty.

It's flexible, functional and sustainable. Larger display areas can make the menu easier for customers to read and more sustainable from a “green” perspective than print would be. As long as the electricity consumption of boards is well-managed, there are some real significant opportunities to cut back on natural resource usage.

Market your operation more intelligently and more effectively. Posters, flyers, and other static signage and collateral can take days to replace and have a very limited shelf life. Digital signage, however, enables you to easily add, remove, and refine content — often in a matter of minutes.

It's a consistent, focused and engaging form of visual communication that brings the foodservice concept, the menu, and the world of culinary together in a way that static signage cannot. Stream information in real-time, mix it with recorded video or animation, and tailor it to your audience, the time of day, location or season.

Digital signage has broad potential beyond the dining program. It's a communications tool that can be used to boost staff morale and recognize achievement, help build campus community or serve as an emergency broadcasting system. Use it to keep people entertained and informed of schedules, weather and news wherever they congregate, have to wait, or happen to pass by in high traffic areas. Make some “broadcast” space available to other departments and you can build goodwill that helps you move other agenda items forward.

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