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10 questions for onsite dining in the post-COVID world

As some states being to loosen coronavirus-induced restrictions and businesses, institutions and public venues begin considering reopening, their in-house dining operations will face a series of challenges, none with easy answers. Here are 10 that many onsite dining operators will have to consider.

While some states are holding back reopening businesses and institutions to at least the end of May or even further, some others have begun loosening restrictions. Whatever the timeline, individual onsite dining operations will be facing substantial challenges as they make decisions on how to open up, what procedures to follow, what changes to make and what compromises they can—or must—live with.

Some issues are obvious—how do you maintain social distancing in your cafés, for example—while others a little less so. Every operation will have to make determinations that will undoubted evolve with experience and the emergence of best practices—which Food Management will do its best to spread the word about.

Meanwhile, here are 10 questions every onsite dining program facing reopening should consider in their planning…

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