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14 future-forecasting food and menu trend predictions for 2023

Our best predictions for menu trends in 2023, including gas station food, fruit stand inspo, tavern pizza, comeback sauce, H-Mart-inspired C-stores to the next global cuisines, inclusivity on the menu, farmer friends, melted cheese and more. Plus, try the “tahini-pickle juice challenge.”

As chefs prepare for a brand-new year of menus, trend predictions emerge. We’ve gathered our favorites, best bets, fascinations, inspirations, obsessions and things that look especially promising for onsite foodservice operations in 2023. FM’s readers get their menu inspiration from sources near and far, and as a publication, we’ve been honored to be one of those sources for the past 50 years.

As we mentioned, FM has many great longtime readers and contributors, some of whom we asked for a little help with this list. Among them is Cleveland Chef Douglas Katz, one of the city’s power restaurateurs with an eye on global community. He serves Indian-inspired cuisine at Amba and Middle Eastern-inspired dishes at Zhug.

“I think a focus on diverse and inclusive options are popular,” Katz says. “Our world is getting more diverse in every way. Restaurants are a place of hospitality and our role is to create a welcoming environment for all people. We do this though providing foods that nurture us and bring us together. We are able to welcome people from all different cultures because of our familiar and not-so-familiar offerings. It provides the adventure for those that don’t get to travel and experience these delicious food cultures and it gives the diverse communities and opportunity to explore new takes on foods they are familiar with.”

Well said! With that adventurous spirit in mind, check out our list of 14 food trends for next year, and be sure to try Katz’s “tahini-pickle juice challenge” for chefs and curious foodies.

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