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32 feel-good stories of the year

2020 has been a challenging year with the coronavirus pandemic, but onsite food service operators still found ways to inspire and support the communities they serve.

2020 is a year that many would like to forget. With the coronavirus pandemic taking top billing for everything this year, it was easy to become marred down with the challenges, stresses and heartaches of 2020.

But true to form, operators in the onsite foodservice communities in colleges, hospitals, K-12 schools and more, found ways to serve their communities and do some good.

We at Food Management were honored to share these stories and to package them for a year-end look at the good news that has come from this industry this year.

From serving the homeless to rethinking the traditional Thanksgiving meal, noncommercial foodservice operations really stepped up to the plate this year. Here are 32 inspiring stories to uplift you as you move into 2021.

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