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Survey: Most schools expect to be fully in-person next fall plus four other things you may have missed this week.

5 coronavirus things: Survey shows most schools expect to be fully in-person next fall

This and Binghamton University closing a dining hall to student traffic due to a COVID spike are some of the stories you may have missed recently regarding the COVID-19 crisis.

In this special edition of 5 Things, Food Management highlights five things you may have missed recently about developments regarding coronavirus and its impact on onsite dining.

Here’s your list for today:

  1. Survey: Most schools expect to be fully in-person next fall

Almost two-thirds of the nearly 1,200 teachers, principals and school district leaders participating in a recent EdWeek Research Center survey predict that their schools will be fully in-person next fall while only 1% expect to be fully remote. The report summarizing the results noted that the respondents expecting full in-person instruction next year are “significantly more likely” to be from private or smaller public districts with smaller levels of low-income families and racial minorities.

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  1. Binghamton University closes a dining hall to students due to COVID spike

Following a spike in COVID-19 cases on campus, Binghamton University’s Residential Life faculty has implemented changes in dining hall services, including closing the College-in-the-Woods Dining Center and using it as a space to prepare meals solely for students in quarantine housing. As a result, only two dining halls remain open, with both experiencing a “drastic” increase in student traffic that is being mitigated with reducing the number of entrance points and enforcing social distancing guidelines in the food and checkout lines.

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  1. University of Nebraska expects full return to in-person classes in the fall

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln (UNL) is the latest major university to announce that it expects its classrooms to return to full capacity in the fall 2021 semester as it expects the campus community to be fully vaccinated by then. The announcement also noted that UNL Dining Services will proceed with lifting restrictions at the end of the current spring semester while keeping within any existing health measures and university policies.

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  1. Notre Dame Dining helps facilitate virtual meet/greet dinners for students

In an effort to promote socialization among students in a socially distancing campus environment, the McDonald Center for Well-Being and Campus Dining at the University of Notre Dame partnered on a series of four virtual Meet, Greet and Eat dinners that gave participating students the opportunity to meet new people while sharing a meal together. Participants were split into small groups called “dinner tables” of about seven to 10 people.

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  1. Lebanese hospital reportedly world’s first to go all vegan in patient meals

Hayek Hospital in Beirut has reportedly become the first hospital in the world to serve only vegan meals. The menu change came after a transition period where Hayek offered patients a choice between animal-based and vegan meals, along with information about the health benefits of choosing plant-based foods versus the dangers of consuming animal products.

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Bonus: Recharged Rooted vegan cuisine concept debuts at Stony Brook University

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