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5 Things: Breakfast in the classroom controversy in LA and an overturned hummus ban

5 Things: Breakfast in the classroom controversy in LA and an overturned hummus ban

These and more are the things you missed for the week of May 25.

Each Friday I compile a list that highlights five things you probably missed in the news that week and why you should care about them.

Here’s your list for the week of May 25:

1.    Breakfast in the classroom struggles in LA Unified school
It’s not the first time the nation’s second largest school district has had trouble with implementing its breakfast in the classroom (BIC) program. When the district started the program at one of the last sites to start BIC, parents once again slammed the program, saying it was a waste of food and the previous breakfast option in the cafeteria before the first bell and also for a mid-morning snack, was more effective, according to an article in the Daily News. The good news for that parent, and others who oppose the program, is she can opt out of BIC by filling out a form to refuse the free meal.

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2.    Fast food dishes up changes
One of the big trends I keep hearing from operators is customers’ desire for clean labels. It seems operators in the commercial sector are hearing the same thing, as many fast food chains are making alterations to their menus to remove artificial colors and ingredients and to serve antibiotic-free protein. From Taco Bell to Pizza Hut, see how some of your fast food favorites are changing.

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3.    UC-Riverside administrators overturn dining’s hummus band
Last month, dining services at this college campus removed Sabra hummus from its operations following a student letter asking for its removal, saying the company that produces Sabra, the Strauss Group, is “a voice of support for Israeli occupation through its ties with Israel’s military,” according to an article in the Campus Reform. College administrators, however, overturned the ban, saying the removal was a “mistake” and had been made “without proper consideration.”

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4.    San Diego schools to pilot halal lunches
Crawford High School is piloting a new lunch program to reach a population it hadn’t reached before. By serving halal meals, the school’s meal program hopes to draw participation from the school’s Muslim population. The pilot started this semester with a chicken bowl being served twice a week, and the foodservice team at the school says about 300 more students have bought lunch on those days, according to an article on

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5.    More local beef on the menu at Kentucky
In a new partnership, the University of Kentucky will increase the amount of local beef it buys from three head of cattle a week to 30, according to an article on The deal will help Aramark, which took over the account this year, to fulfill its requirement to buy $1.2 million of local food each year. Kentucky’s dining services department will now buy local meat from The Chop Shop and Omni Custom Meats through Sysco.

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Bonus: Massive bakery operation replaces corporate cafeteria


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