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5 Things
Kent State University will terminate its dining services contract with Aramark on July 1.

5 things: Kent State University to end Aramark dining services deal, go self-op

This and new CDC guidance about social distancing that may encourage more K-12 schools to reopen are some of the stories you may have missed recently.

Here’s your list for today:

  1. CDC now says three feet distancing sufficient for most schools

Reversing a guidance issued only a month previously that advised schools to maintain six feet of distance between people, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now advises that three feet of distance between students is sufficient for all elementary and most middle and high schools, potentially laying the groundwork for many districts to reopen full-time for in-person classes. However, teacher unions oppose the change and local unions may resist efforts to bring large numbers of students back into school buildings at one time, this Washington Post analysis notes.

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  1. Kent State to end Aramark deal, go self-op

Kent State University will terminate its dining services contract with Aramark on July 1 and transition to self-operation of campus food services, the university has announced. “Bringing management and implementation of dining services in-house will allow us to continue enhancing the experience for our university community,” Lamar Hylton, vice president for student affairs, said in an email statement.

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3. Google announces major office expansion program

Countering assumptions that high-end white collar businesses will be migrating to remote work, Google has announced plans to spend more than $7 billion this year on expanding its offices and data centers across 19 states, including its massive campus in New York City, one of the metro centers that has seen significant out-migration of workers over the past year. The investment in facilities will be accompanied by a hiring spree that is expected to create at least 10,000 new full-time jobs, CEO Sundar Pichai said.

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4. BGSU robots making up to a thousand food deliveries a day

The food delivery robots that debuted on the Bowling Green State university campus last year and ended up winning an FM Best Concept Award are now up to making as many as a thousand deliveries a day despite the $1.99 delivery fee. As a result, the university is planning to expand the fleet from the current 65 robots to more than a hundred once all students are back on campus next semester.

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Bonus: 15 operational changes brought to onsite dining by COVID-19

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Correction: March 24, 2021
This story has been updated on to remove the name of the new CEO of NACUFS, at the request of the association.
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