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50 stories in 50 years: the 2000s

FM entered the 21st century looking ahead to the world of 2025 but then got down to business in the century’s first decade by launching its annual Best Concept Awards program and examining issues like concept development and the growing “green” movement.

A whimsical glimpse into the world of 2025 celebrated the new millennium in FM’s first issue of the 2000s. The subsequent decade also saw the launch of the annual Best Concept Awards competition (an earlier version had a one-year run back in 1998) and exploration of topics such as themed events, cultivating chef-manager talent and concept development. 

As sustainability became more of a cultural priority, the magazine delved into areas like local sourcing and energy efficient equipment. Also receiving new emphasis was food-related editorial in line with growing industry priorities surrounding the development of interesting dishes using quality ingredients, international influences and menus that oozed commercial flair…

Here are 10 prominent FM cover stories from the 2000s…

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