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Bryn Mawr Holds "100 Mile" Local Food Dinner

Meal featured a menu made up entirely of food produced within 100 miles of campus.

Bryn Mawr Dining Services and the school's Sustainable Food Committee presented a “100 Mile Meal” on Thursday, April 10, featuring a menu made up entirely of food produced within 100 miles of campus. Among the items on the menu were Colombian roasted chicken using birds from Eberly’s Farm in Stevens, PA, and a Fudge Chocolate Triple Layer Cake baked at Pellman’s Bakery in Lancaster County.

In addition to the special dinner served from 4-8 p.m., there was also be a presentation about fair trade coffee by Sun Coffee Roasters CEO Keith Lemnios.

“Institutions of Higher Education are becoming leaders in sustainability initiatives,” says Assistant Director of Dining Services Richard Clow. “Dining is often the area which can help the campus community accomplish its goals. By selecting the way our food is purchased, delivered, prepared, and disposed of we can reduce the impact on our environment.”

For the 100 Mile Meal, Bryn Mawr cooks and managers looked at what was available in the local market, then developed recipes that best utilized the ingredients to provide an interesting and balanced menu.

“Not only is this great from an environmental standpoint but the food is absolutely fantastic,” says Clow.

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