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Chartwells Debuts New Website

Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services has announced the launch of a new corporate website named

Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services has announced the launch of a new corporate website named  Based on the company's public facing newsletter by the same name, it is designed to provide useful information quickly and easily to the public, students, parents, current and potential college and university business partners as well as the media.

"Researching a company to learn about its business practices usually starts with an Internet search," explains Chartwells' President/CEO Steve Sweeney. "We created this website to educate diverse audiences about our campus dining services and to help grow our business. The information provided on the Chartwells Magazine website and within the newsletter also helps to endorse our corporate strengths that drive real business. By providing public access to content and real stories about what's taking place on campuses, readers will understand Chartwells' commitment to meeting the needs of the clients, students and communities that our associates and teams proudly serve."

"Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services is pleased to extend a warm welcome, especially to parents and students, to explore the new website," adds Chartwells' Director of Communications, Kristine Andrews. "Intended as a resource meant to engage various stakeholders, the website and digital newsletter formats are portals for visitors interested in learning about everything Chartwells has to offer. By visiting the website, anyone can sign up to receive the award winning Chartwells Magazine monthly e-publication or view the current or past publications."

The company tailored the content and pages for easy navigation. The latest company news as well as dining programs and services are published in a monthly newsletter posted to the site and include information about about nutrition support resources, sustainability, diversity initiatives and client case studies/testimonials. Associate resource links, such as Human Resources for career development information, are also provided on the site for user convenience.

In addition, was created with a user-friendly nature that provides more efficient access to company informational resources including social media. The new website was built with responsive design technology so pages configure to virtually any mobile device, tablet, or computer monitor. Chartwells expects to add a series of enhancements to its website and make changes to meet diverse business needs that also meet industry demands.

"The website represents Chartwells' ongoing efforts to publicize the availability of information about the Chartwells brand," says Chartwells' Vice President of Marketing and Support Services Patti Girardi. "Chartwells' intention is to promote its services effectively to ensure that potential partners and guests can find essential, specialized information they need quickly."

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