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Controversial Hummus Back at Wesleyan

University reverses course and will continue to offer Sabra product along with a locally produced alternative.

Sabra branded hummus will again be available at Wesleyan University after a short ban prompted by student protests against a controversial Israeli company that co-owns it (with PepsiCo), reports Inside Higher Ed. The product will be offered along with a locally produced alternative, Cedar's Hummus.

The university’s dining services committee had decided last month to phase out the sale of the Sabra and replace it with Cedar’s, but a university spokeswoman now says that Wesleyan has decided to reintroduce Sabra to campus food markets, starting January, where it will be available along with Cedar's.

Calls to boycott or eliminate the sale of Sabra had been raised on a number of U.S. campuses over the past several years because of allegations that Strauss Group, which co-owns the brand, is associated with human rights violations in the Middle East.

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