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District plans to raise all its own asparagus

District plans to raise all its own asparagus

FFA students at Holmen Schools planted 1,500 roots that will mature in three years.

The School District of Holmen in Wisconsin is planning to eventually supply all of its asparagus needs after an asparagus garden planted at the district’s high school reaches maturity. Future Farmers of America (FFA) students planted 1,500 asparagus roots in mid August in the plot at the high school.

”Our hope is that in 3 years, when the asparagus reaches maturity, we will be able to supply our entire district with fresh asparagus,” says Nutrition Services Supervisor Michael Gasper, who developed the idea in conjunction with Agriscience teacher Roger King, who also advises the FFA students.

Earlier this year, Holmen won a Best Concept Award from Food Management in the Best Special Event category for its Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, which served chicken made from birds raised by the district’s FFA students.

Holmen also already has a robust school garden program that supplies district cafeterias with various produce items, including hydroponic lettuce that was served with the chicken dinner.

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