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Dlush at UCSD Becoming Popular Student Hangout

Dlush at UCSD Becoming Popular Student Hangout

The Dlush gourmet beverage chain has opened a unit in the Price Student Center at the University of California-San Diego. Located in an 1,840-sq.ft. space that was formerly a storage closet, the concept was designed by the Colkitt&Co. firm to encourage lingering with features such as tabletop whiteboards, chalkboard surfaces and iPad docking stations that enable students to share and exchange.

The location serves about 800 guests a day, the bulk around lunchtime, though the evening hours have been picking up as students are enjoying the lounge seating and linger longer atmosphere, says Dlush CEO Jeffery Adler.

Dlush, which also operates a flagship store in Hollywood and has a location in a church bookstore in San Diego, serves a menu of upscale drinks ranging from coffee, tea and juice/energy drinks to smoothies and shakes. The UCSD location also serves food, including Double-Sided Monster and Open-Faced Savory or Sweet melts, novelty salads and protein skewers.


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