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Eatiquette program teaches kids cooperation, table manners

Eatiquette program teaches kids cooperation, table manners

Lintons Managed Services combined with Vetri Community Partnership and Memphis Charter School to implement a polite family-style dining approach.

Students at Philadelphia’s Memphis Street Academy Charter School recently got a lesson in manners courtesy of the Eatiquette program developed by the Vetri Community Partnership when it was implemented in the school’s lunchroom by dining services provider, Lintons Managed Services.

Eatiquette transforms school lunch from the traditional cafeteria line approach to one in which children sit at round tables and pass plates of food to each another while experiencing social interaction and communication. The food is scratch-made meals with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

“Being able to provide a family-style dining program that is educational, nutritious, and provides social interaction benefits everyone,” says Lintons VP of Operation Russ Hengst. “Students are more attentive in class. Teachers have interaction with students in a relaxed cafeteria setting outside of the classroom. The food preparation associates are be more energized knowing they are having a positive impact on the well-being of the students. How can you not be excited about the overall impact?”

Memphis Street CEO Dr. Christine Borelli had witnessed the Eatiquette program in action and was so impressed by the leadership demonstrated by students in the table captain roles and the socialization that occurred around the family-style meal that she immediately sought to get the program into her school.

“When they’re sitting at round tables, passing food to one another, there’s a certain level of trust and community that they’re building,” she said. “Having this program says [to the students], ‘We trust you and we want you to have every opportunity because we care.’”
Lintons provides breakfast and lunch service to more than 30 charter schools in the Philadelphia area.

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