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In Europe, They're Printing Pureed Food for Elderly Disphagia Sufferers

Initiative uses 3-D printing technology to produce real-looking and -tasting dishes now used in over a thousand German retirement homes.

The European Union is funding a consortium to help further develop 3D-printed "smoothfood" that uses pureed food to create a more appetizing-looking meal for elderly patients living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities who have trouble chewing and swallowing, reports Wired UK. Smoothfood, originally created by a company called Biozoon, looks and reportedly tastes like regular food but has a consistency of pureed food that allows elderly patients to eat without choking. Developed in 2010, the concept has been adopted in over 1,000 retirement homes in Germany.

The technology for producing 3-D printed food that isn't necessarily pureed is slowly making its way to the market. For another application of this trend, see this article in Machine Design magazine.

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